Founder Mutations for Early Onset Melanoma as Revealed by Whole Exome Sequencing Suggests That This is Not Associated with the Increasing Incidence of Melanoma in Poland
Tadeusz Dębniak, Rodney J Scott, Rodney A Lea, Bohdan Górski, Bartłomiej Masojć, Cezary Cybulski, Andrzej Kram, Romuald Maleszka, Tomasz Gromowski, Katarzyna Paszkowska-Szczur, Aniruddh Kashyap, Marcin R. Lener, Karolina Malińska, Emilia Rogoża, Dawid Murawa, Helena Rudnicka, Jakub Deptuła, Jan Lubiński
Cancer Res Treat. 2019;51(1):337-344.   Published online 2018 May 14     DOI:
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